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About Our Firm

“Partners of The Florida Panthers”

The creation and protection of your Company is pivotal when it comes to securing your financial growth and limiting your exposure to any course of business pitfalls and liabilities that are out there. The firm of Gilbert & Caddy, PA has over 25 combined years experience with developing the ideal company selection and security blanket for businesses nationwide.

Gilbert & Caddy, PA understands the importance of starting out your own business and making sure that your business not only grows, but that you and your business are protected against any entity or individual that might poorly affect the growth of your company.

Due to our firm’s experience we can assist you through the beginning, the middle, and the transition of your Company’s life.

We specialize in areas such as:

  • Company Selection
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Non-Compete
  • Reorganization
  • Internal Disputes
  • Corporate Changes
  • Formation & Creation
  • Unique & Particular Needs
  • Computer Agreements & Protection
  • Inner Office Contracts & Conflicts
  • Winding Up, Dissolution, & Liquidation
  • Continuous Counseling for Any Issue ‐ Concerns

The firm of Gilbert & Caddy, PA also provides the unique ability to provide real estate professionals to further assist you in finding the right location and price for you to begin or expand your Company.