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Class Actions

Class Actions: A class action lawsuit is an efficient way to bring a lawsuit on behalf of a group of people that have been damaged in the same way against the same person or company. However, it is common for one person to be the representative of the class and for additional people to join the class later on in the litigation. It is typical for class action lawsuits to settle due to the severity of the claims as well as the pure strength in numbers, however our firm has the experience to not only understand the classes strengths, but the classes strength. Due to Gilbert & Caddy’s in familiarity with class action lawsuits, we are not limited to just representing the class, but defending against it as well.

Gilbert & Caddy’s experience allows us to cover all types of class action lawsuits such as:

Proceeding or defending a class action lawsuit can be burdensome and complicated when dealing with so many individuals and intricate legal issues, Gilbert & Caddy has the resources, knowledge, and drive to represent and provide you or the class with the attention and legal skill you deserve.

Consumer Class Actions: Consumer class actions generally occur when a group of people are injured by a company’s illegal practices, such as illegal charges to your credit card bill or cable bill, illegal late payment penalties, illegal interest rate charges, violations of consumer protection laws. The most typical form of remedy attempted by consumers is by filing a complaint or dispute against the company. The problem, is when the company, ignores your demand and continues to illegally charge you. If you are not getting through and the company will not fix its illegal practices, haveGilbert & Caddy due everything in its power to prepare the necessary demands and litigation to cease that illegal activity, get your money back, and help you sleep at night.
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Securities Class Actions: Class actions are common in securities litigation since it is the most efficient way to prosecute the small claims of a large number of investors. Although the small claims alone may be insignificant, when combined the damages are a severe monetary threat to the defendants. Securities Class Actions cover lawsuits by a group of people against the same defendant(s) for damages resulting from illegal securities activity in violation of state or federal law, such as: Broker Fraud; Unauthorized Trading; Insider Trading; and Stock Manipulation.
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Product Liability Actions: Product Liability class actions are the most common and well known type of class action lawsuit and can be maintained if a group of similar people have been damaged by the same company’s defective product. The defect of the product can be anywhere to defective construction to harmful side effects. If you have been damaged by a defective product it is imperative that you contact our offices, not only to get you the compensation you and others what they deserve, but to prevent society for further damage as a result of the company’s defective product.

Manufacturers and retailers are held under strict guidelines to provide society with safe products and proper warnings. If you have purchased a defective product it is very likely that others made that same purchase and will join you in seeking the money and damages suffered as a result of the defective product. The benefit of the class action lawsuit allows not only people who have spent $1,000.00 on a defective product to join together, but people who have spent $5.00 on a defective product.

There is no reason why you should suffer one additional day due to the harm you have suffered as a result of this defective product or even pay for replacement of this defective product. Gilbert & Caddy will fight for you so you get reimbursed and are compensated for the damages you have suffered as a result of the impact that the defective product has had on your life.
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Employment Class Actions: Employment class action lawsuits are more commonly brought by a group of employees against their company, based on claims involving, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA); Discrimination; Overtime Wages Unpaid; Improper Work Environment; Failure to provide proper breaks; Wage and Hour Conflicts; and Employee Misclassifications.

Gilbert & Caddy’s practice has covered numerous cases involving Employment Class action issues such as the ones above and is well-equipped with handling any issues and concerns that can and will arise. Case law and statutes provide numerous ways to prosecute employment class action cases, however our firm is not only very familiar with prosecuting employment issues, but Gilbert & Caddy is well versed on the defenses and exemptions needed to properly defend your employment action.

In most situations, employment cases settle. Gilbert & Caddy realizes the importance of settling cases, not only is it in the interest of judicial economy, but it benefits the parties finances and ease of mind. Our firm has been involved in countless arbitrations and mediations and will proceed in the way most beneficial towards your situation. Regardless of whether you want to litigate full steam or attempt to settle, Gilbert & Caddy is here to help guide you through the process.
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