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The firm of Gilbert & Caddy , P.A., corporation attorneys, have extensive experience in the area of corporate law and will stand by your side to help with the inception of your Company and for any and all issues or concerns that may occur down the line of your Company’s growth, such as:

Corporate Understanding, Formation and Creation: There are various types of Corporations that you select from ranging from Sole Proprietorships to C and S Corporations. Gilbert & Caddy will assist you in understanding the benefits and liabilities, including essential tax implications, between each type of entity and will get your Company incorporated properly to what best suits your needs and limits your individual liability.

Articles of Incorporation and Registered Agent: The foundation of your company is based on your Articles of Incorporation and designating a registered agent. Some states, like Florida, require a company to designate a registered agent to receive important legal documents and government notices. Gilbert & Caddy can customize your articles of incorporation to be unique to your preferences and the type of company you choose to create. Our firm is the registered agent for numerous companies and can also serve as your registered agent, which will provide you with the fastest necessary responses to any litigation that may arise against your company.

Franchises: For some it has always been a dream to open up their very own franchise such as Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, or Papa John’s. The opening of a franchise can be an intense process, yet lead to impressive gains if done correctly. Allow Gilbert & Caddy to prepare your franchise and disclosure agreements, advertising agreements, computer contracts, license agreements, lease agreements, and any other legal or negotiating tasks to get you your franchise.
In some instances you will be able to select a location for your new franchise, Gilbert & Caddy’s team of real estate professionals can help you with your site selection, from negotiating the lease or purchase to closing on your selected property.

Computers- Agreements and Protection: The computer industry is one of the fastest growing fields and as such protection of your company’s special employee training practices and protection against employee and customer theft is of the highest importance. Our firm, will prepare to your specifications: employee and customer non-compete agreements, service contracts, software and hardware agreements, e-commerce and internet agreements, and provide you with any other counseling to help protect you and your company.

Inner Office Contracts: Once your Corporation is formed it is of the utmost importance to protect your Corporation’s future with your employees. Gilbert & Caddy has diligently worked for over 25 years combined in drafting Corporate specific contracts designed to maximize a Corporations interests such as: commission based compliance, non-compete provisions, notice requirements, and contracts from lower-level employee agreements to shareholder agreements.

Reorganization: Due to the constant growth of business from personnel to technology as well as the ever-changing law, virtually every business will go through some kind of reorganization to best adapt to those changes. Gilbert & Caddy understands the necessity to adapt to change in order to prosper in today’s economy and will inform you of your options so you can best determine what you want to do. We will help you in proceeding properly and seamlessly with such reorganizations issues as: mergers, acquisitions, joint partnerships and endeavors, downsizing, layoffs, and partner or shareholder retirement and replacement. In fact, Gilbert & Caddy has the unique ability to not only assist you in proceeding with your reorganization, but through specially trained real estate professionals, Gilbert & Caddy can help you find that prime property for your Company’s expansion.

Internal Disputes: Our firm will help you resolve internal disputes and conflicts to assist in maximizing your protection: such as buy-out agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements, and wage disputes.
Corporate Changes: Changing your Corporate name or even the type of Corporation can be taxing and exhaustive, we will prepare the necessary alterations and filings in order to expedite any Corporate changes you need.

Winding up and Dissolution (forced or voluntary): The Winding up and dissolution of a Company means that the Corporation’s life is over. This can be a decision made voluntary or forced via a Court and an appointed agent. We can assist you in protecting your assets as well as tying up any loose ends to better prevent any future ramifications of forgotten or unresolved issues, such as: payment of taxes, terminating contracts, distribution of assets, and payment of outstanding debts.

Corporation Attorneys

Corporation Attorneys

Corporation Attorneys