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Theft & Loss of Business


Corporate Opportunity Claim Doctrine: This is a doctrine that was established to protect the company from employees taking business opportunities for themselves which were offered to the company. This loyalty to the company is termed as a “fiduciary duty” and is owed to a company in order to prevent against theft of business. Unfortunately, it is very common in today’s society where a company’s employee attempts to steal business opportunities for themselves. This type of employee theft can lead to not only a severe hit to the reputation of your company, but an immense hit on your profits.

Gilbert & Caddy will move quickly to insure that you do not lose any further business as a result of that employee’s actions; obtain the damages you have suffered as a result of the employee’s theft, and seek any other remedies you may have to the fullest extent of the law. In already tough economic times let our firm protect your business so you can stay in business and continue to grow.